Who Am I? Why Am I here?

I am Annmarie Geddes Baribeau. I am here to make it easier for you to reach your organization’s goals.
My company, Lipold Communications, LLC, provides public relations, communications and marketing services. While I work primarily in the insurance arena, I also have experience on any topic related to workers’ compensation including other property/casualty insurance lines, health care, human resources and benefit integration.
I am also a senior associate with Aartrijk, a full-service public relations firm serving the insurance and financial services industries (http://aartrijk.com).
My approach to marketing is based on a journalistic approach that breeds credibility and trust. This goes beyond answering the five basic questions of whom, what, when, where, why and how. It insists on providing truly relevant and honest material to current and potential clients. Let’s face it, people are busy and they do not want to read ambiguous sales and marketing material.
I am also a big fan of Guerilla Marketing. It is amazing how far I have taken clients on a limited budget.
Background: When I had my first child, I began my own business to achieve the so-called “life-work” balance. My second daughter has Type 1 diabetes, and I am grateful to have the extra flexibility to care for her.
Upon graduating Cum Laude from the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism at Ohio University, I ended up getting my first job at the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation in Columbus.
I say, “ended up” because workers’ compensation is like a Denny’s restaurant: it’s the place you end up because options are few.
There I wrote for every imaginable communications vehicle. This included the honor of writing speeches for the former CEO, who was hired to “fix” the largest state exclusive workers’ comp fund.
By writing for a public self-contained insurance system for many constituents, I learned the in and outs of everything from actuarial issues to public policy concerns. I continued my journalism career by writing prolifically for Business First.
“My approach insists on providing truly relevant and honest material
 to current and potential clients.”
I returned to my hometown of Cleveland, Ohio and reported for Small Business News. I also hosted a radio show on WERE-1300 called, “North Coast Sunday” due to my interviewing style and distinctive voice. (And yes, I do miss radio!)
After moving to Washington, D.C., I became the lead reporter for BNA’s Workers’ Compensation Report. I am proud that some of my analytical articles led to positive changes in the workers’ compensation system.
Giving up my post to work from home was the best career move ever! Various projects and clients further expanded my professional repertoire.
High points include being a contributing editor of Business & Health magazine. And, since then, I have spent most of my work time boosting name recognition and reputations for four property-casualty actuarial firms.
My expertise in workers’ compensation and insurance also afforded opportunities to write and research materials to support legislation in Congress through the National Association of Waterfront Employers. I still write a freelance article once in awhile.
If you follow my blog, you can expect to get glimpses into my approaches to helping clients boost their success. For fun, you will randomly see helpful tips, opinions and exclusive interviews with top industry experts.

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